In the ever-evolving technological world, pandemic 2020 saw a thrive in internet traffic routing towards mobile. People were more inclined to shopping, counseling, and education digitally. Only the ones who had their established presence on the web were able to handle the quakes of the pandemic. Some adapted themselves to the flow while not compromising with the performance. Companies and brands gradually shifted to a new era of development called the Progressive Web Apps. The PWA’s are the advanced versions of the websites that perform with apps, like functionalities, with easy navigation and user experience.

Why Progressive Web Apps ?

A responsive web app clubbed with efficient functionalities for a rich user experience as an outcome is called Progressive web app. These PWA’s use HTML, CSS, and Javascript as a foundation to mesmerize their users with their lightweight and high speed.

A simple explanation of PWA

PWA’s are the mirror images of the websites that behave and appear as its lighter and faster version coupled with loads of features like Push notifications, Blue tooth connectivity, a Camera, and the list goes on.

Why Progressive Web Apps in 2021?

Why Progressive Web Apps in 2021?

In the technological universe, Progressive web apps are a synonym for Performance. An app that needs to qualify as a Progressive web app must comply with frontend performance standards. Its basic capabilities include the following MAGIC

Mobile friendly
And Seo indexed
GPS enabled
Connectivity for Offline mode

Fact Check

A PWA opened in any other browser, with a desktop shortcut acts like a web app on the desktop.

7 Best examples of Web Apps (PWA) in 2021

1.    Spotify

Spotify emerged, as an industry music experience changer with its mesmerizing features. Spotify had a native app that was recently advanced and introduced to the world with a PWA version. PWA delivered faster results with interactive Ui that charmed its users. Also, Spotify offered a plethora of features in its free version that was capsulated to attract the users to update to the premium version.

Goals achieved with PWA

  • Increase in its Monthly users up to 130%
  • More traction time
  • Increase in average listening hours.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is the 6th most popular social networking site with 67 million users from India. Pinterest adopted the PWA for grabbing the international market and casting its shadow among the active users for new ideas and interests. Pinterest achieved its objective with improved performance, and user experience thereby, registering 176 million users to its platform

Goals achieved with PWA

  • Increase in user interaction
  • Traction time on the website increased up to 30 %
  • An upward trend in user engagements and revenue to 40%

3. Trivago

Trivago, with its 120+ million active users for searching and comparing hotel prices, proved that a Progressive web app could bring good traffic and user engagement. Push notifications, offline functionality with add to home screen function helped Trivago deliver a perfect PWA with increased user interaction.

Goals achieved with PWA

  • Increase in User Clicks to conversion up to 90 %
  • Increase in User engagement
  • 120% more traffic to offer pages

4.  Twitter Lite

Twitter introduced Twitter lite as a progressive web app that introduced some amazing features. The faster performance with higher user engagement ensured more user interaction and an increase in ad clickthroughs. There was an increase in user tweets that made them achieve their goal of attracting people with more engagement.

Goals achieved with PWA

  • Increase in tweets through PWA up to 70 %
  • Decrease in Bounce rate
  • Increase in user engagement and traction


Alibaba, with its Progressive web app, brought traditional sourcing online. The app focused on user-friendly functionalities and attractive web design, that specialized in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology. The PWA helped the traffic to significantly rise with an increase in user traction time on the web app. Also, there was an explosion in the conversion rate with attractive user design and fast functionality of the app.

Goals achieved with PWA

  • Explosion in their conversion rate up to 80%
  • The increase in the number of active users by 30%.
  • The traction rate rose to 70%

6. Flipkart

Indian market saw a surge in online shopping with the pandemic. Online shopping websites like Flipkart, with its Progressive web app, made the user interaction process go smooth. Flipkart – the biggest Indian e-commerce store, promises rich user engagement and conversion. The PWA promises a great user experience with its high performance in low connectivity and offline modes too.

Goals achieved with PWA

  • Increase in conversion rate to 60 %
  • Increase in time spent on the website
  • A rise in Re-engaging customers.

7. OLX

OLX is the fastest-growing network of trading platforms globally that applied PWA. Soon it became the World’s biggest free online classified for people to buy or sell an item from the array of products & services. Olx embraces the most amazing features of PWA’s that include add to the home screen, push notifications, offline mode, and background sync.

Goals achieved with PWA

  • Increase in the User engagement to 200%
  • A growth in click-through rate to 150%
  • Decrease in bounce rate to 80 %

And The List Goes On…

PWA’s have proven their worth as they promise results that can be measured in significant numbers. The fast functionality with an increase in click-through rate is the main factor that makes PWA trending in 2021. The above-mentioned incomprehensive list of  7 Best examples of web apps (PWA) in 2021, is a list with the organizations achieving their growth objectives. Still, there is a huge list of PWA’s that have been ruling the market, for example, Facebook, Nasa, Instagram Lite, Uber, Forbes, Book My Show, BMW, Telegram, The Weather Channel, Google Maps …

Do mention your favorite PWA in the comments below that has charmed you with its user functionality. We will surely add them in our next edit.

How To Build Your Own Progressive Web App?

Well, by now, you may be wondering if your eCommerce site needs to be transformed into a Progressive Web App. The potential capabilities and functionalities are worth emphasizing the fact that PWA’s are trending in 2021. It has touched all the major industries from small startups to e-commerce sites and everything that comes in between.

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