React is a mesmerizing javascript library that was initially used and applied by Facebook. It was later made open source in 2013. React is also known for its components-based architecture that makes web development more categorized in nature by providing it with concrete dimensions. These components are very modular and coherent in nature thus making them reusable and decreasing the development time factor.  There is always a need to hire a React js developer to make things simple.

Hiring the right React js developer is a tedious yet important task. There are many things that you must take care of before signing the contract.  For example, finding out the best team to hire React js developers, the right steps to recruit them, etc.

So, we have come up with this detailed blog post that will cover all the topics that help you to find a competent React js developer.

How to Hire a React js Developer?

How to Hire a React js Developer?

We have divided this post into 6 main sections:

  1. Why Hire a React js Developer
  2. What is React js? Features Of React js
  3. Analyze Your Requirements
  4. Five Steps to Hire Perfect Developer
  5. Freelance Sources and Social Media

Let’s dig in.

Why Hire a React js Developer?

A web developer is a seasoned expert Who has a niche in his subject. React js is a technical arena wherein a developer with specialized technical knowledge can bring you results. Whether you opt for an e-commerce platform or go for custom web development with the latest technological trends, you will need an expert. React js developers are well versed with ins and outs of React js library. So, before you hire React js developer, it is advisable to go for a certified professional who can address your hardships.

Here are the advantages of Hiring a Certified React js Developer:

1.1 Time efficiency

Certainly, Time is the greatest resource that can never be brought back. Firstly, hiring a professional React js developer can help you earn time efficiency. One is free from indulging complex web problems and can get the best from the team.

Specialization is always the key to success for any business. As an experienced React js developer is capable to tackle everything on his own, you can focus on other important tasks like branding, marketing, increasing sales, etc.

1.2 Modern technical Advancement

An updated React js developer will always bring the best to your project with his enhanced knowledge and expertise. He can always corporate advanced updates in your React js projects and help you achieve the goals in the longer run. Apart from working with dedication on your website development, he can always guide you with advanced features that can bring out the virtual face of your brand more brilliantly. He is capable of bringing out the best customization to your project by working on advanced updates that come every day.

1.3 Professional approach 

It’s not about just building a website. Making one that helps you stand out is essential. When you hire the React js developer he can help you bring uniqueness and creativity to the website. One can always expect a professional approach from the developer because it will surely reflect in his work. An expert React js developer can help you with a refreshing and classy look for a website. And, the best part is that a professional will always strive to bring better results to your website by making changes.

1.4 High Performance

Hiring a professional developer for your project means ensuring better performance. Now, you need not worry if you don’t have much technical knowledge, a React js developer can improve your website appearance by working on the backend issues that offer both speed and scalability. 

2. What is React?

ReactJs was first released in 2013 and since then it has gained a lot of appreciation as a framework from React Js developers. In nearly 8 years, it has shown its worth as a JS library used in web applications development to build some interactive elements on a website.

Developers across the world opt for React Js as the preferred tool as it has its own set of amazing features. It has established its worth with some beautiful and mesmerizing web apps. Many independent surveys have also stated that React Js will become one of the most widely used frameworks for the Front end in the future. Amongst the many facts that make React Js the best tool, here are some facts that deserve a glance.

Features of React js

React Js is a Javascript Library

It’s amazing enough to quote that React Js is a JavaScript library and not a framework in itself. The framework is a wider term that controls flow and aids in solving the complex architectural and structural code. React Js, on the other hand, soothes the problem, and provides methods for developing efficient front-end development.

The SEO Affair

There is a serious relationship between React Js single-page applications and SEO. React Js proficiently works with the JavaScript library like an HTML page. The isomorphic React Js helps optimize single-page applications for SEO. Further, facilitates server-side rendering and single-page applications by automatically detecting the support of the client’s JavaScript. Further, React Js can choose to prerender their websites with services like that facilitates rendering JavaScript in the browser, saving the static HTML, and then returning the static HTML to search engine crawlers. It makes it as easy and routed as any other HTML website supports crawling.

Supported by Active Community

React Js is supported by a large number of active communities and members. The socio helpful communities have thousands of members who actively support with their opinion, tutorials, and experiences. The answers are provided by code samples and useful tips and tricks. The community developers are welcoming, happy to help, and answer readily.

React Js has Deep Roots

React Js came into the web world with great enthusiasm among the developers. With the highest rate of adoption and reliability upon the framework, React Js has made its unique positioning. Furthermore, many tech giants like Facebook, Netflix have adopted it for giving us live examples of high performance guaranteed by it. React Js has surely proved its capabilities and has its roots spread over a wider community of web developers.

Fast Virtual DOM

DOM or the Document Object Model is a cross-platform application programming interface that allows easy connectivity among web pages and scripts. Certainly, React Js makes use of Virtual DOM by providing a virtual representation of UI and easy syncing with the real DOM. Further, it enables the Declarative API of React Js and allows it to Re-render or ignore accordingly.

3. Before Hiring: Analyze Your Requirements

Everyone feels himself/herself expert. Anyone can boast of being an expert and well versed with the Technical aspects of React js. But still,

you may find yourself stuck in a situation wherein you can’t find the relevant solution for your problems. It is always better to pen down your requirements beforehand so that you can talk about the issues. So, before you hire a React js developer, consider the need, and ask yourself the following questions:

3.1 Do I Need a Front-end or Back-end Developer? 

Now as you are sure, you need a developer for building your website, you must be aware of some terms that might help you in taking the conversation further. You must know the difference between frontend developers and backend developers and then hire the  react js developer for your project

There is a lot of difference in the work a frontend, backend, and full-stack developer has to do. Here is a small glimpse of the work responsibilities they handle-

Front End developer

Front end developer is the person who is primarily responsible and accountable to maintain the client-side development for the project. He makes use of HTML, CSS, and javascript for the web application and helps maintain and interact directly. It is the frontend developer that makes sure that the site comes up correctly in different browsers, different operating systems, and different devices.

Back end developer

A back end developer is a person who engages itself in creating the logical backend and brings in the core computational logic for the website or software. He is engaged in creating components and features that are indirectly accessible through the frontend system. The user is able to interact on the front end through efficient backend systems only.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is a seasoned developer having insightful knowledge about the various layers of application development. In other words, a full-stack developer embraces comprehensive technological expertise and can proficiently work on the front end and back end in the app development cycle.

A full-stack developer has a competitive edge in the web world as they have rich functional expertise and knowledge of client-side coding as well as server-side scripting. They can efficiently work on the Frontend as well as the backend. Also, they cover the steps of the project management lifecycle of designing and developing the application/ website, coding, managing databases, and providing full nurturance to the project development.

Here are a few key characteristics of a full stack developer-

1. Expertise in Php

A full-stack developer possesses strong experience as a Full Stack web developer with a solid understanding of front-end technologies, MVC frameworks, Restful web services, and Database designing.

 • Strong knowledge in MERN/MEAN Stack with vast experience in building Web Applications, used React.js / Angular JS for client-side, Node.js/Express for server-side and SQL Server for database

2. Hold on Frameworks 

Seasoned developers must have knowledge and expertise with various PHP frameworks like Laravel, Cakephp, Codeigniter, Symfony, etc.

 Further, they can lend services for – CRUDs, ML & data cleaning tools, Laravel Nova resources, Customer front end blades, and routes, will refactor other developers’ code, and Message queues, SQS & EB Workers as well as hold a great experience with BitBucket, JIRA, AWS. 

 3.  Strong Frontend

Vuejs templates, services, VueX, mixins, Axios, components, directives, state management, server-side rendering, custom filters, and dependency injection to create SPA.

 it is important to have Hands-on Experience on Vue CLI (Command-line Interface) PWA development and Unit Test with Karma. Extensively used jQuery, JSON, AJAX, and DOM scripting to create interactive web applications. They also hold  Experience with various IDEs such as Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, and Notepad++.

 4. Knowledge of CSS, HTML, Javascript (expert level)

Proficiency and Experience in UI Development & Designing Using HTML (4/5), CSS (2/3), JavaScript, jQuery, D3.js, TypeScript, Angular (2/4/5), Node.js, Express JS, jQuery, AJAX, XML, Bootstrap, JSON, PHP. 

 5. Server management 

Expertise in AWS infrastructure to host cloud-based infrastructure for increased performance, security, reliability, and scale.

 6. API Development (expert level, creating, maintaining, and improving APIs)

Expertise in Building APIs with the right logic and functionality fully in tune with the design by addressing protocols, error handling, and code modularity.

Specialization Vs Jack of all Trades

Expertise or specialization over a technology stack or a framework has its advantageous features. The person concerned has all the tips and tricks of the specific tech stack and excels in the given assignment. 

React js developers have insights into the whole development cycle but may not become experts over the particular technology that may require them to take expertise from the dedicated technology partners. 

4. Five Steps to Hire the Perfect React js Developer


It is always the first time. But don’t hand over your brand to someone who is new to the field of the web. Get the expert professional React js developer for your business/ brand so that they can help you upscale and upgrade the website according to the latest technology.

Understand the Process 

Developing a website is not a single day’s work. It is a process that takes time. Web development involves working on various web development frameworks, finding the best that suits your goals, and understanding the milestones before it is finally complete to be made live. Therefore one must comprehend the complete process before finalizing the team.

SEO friendly web development solutions

Getting a website built is not the only thing that needs to be done. Your website must rank on the search engine pages and reach the audience to ultimately reach your goal of attracting the audience online. The react js developer must also provide you Seo services to help it rank.

Communication and server

Communication is the key to achieving the goals. Speak out your heart and listen to the features they can offer. Don’t go in for a team that keeps things in disguise. Steady communication and mutual understanding between the client and team are a must. Also, the company must have its own server with the guarantee of security, data safety, and speed for your website.

Review Reference

Before finalizing the react js developer for your project it is always better to analyze the portfolio. You can get a pretty good idea as to what features the company can offer and the accomplishments it has already made in the webspace. Check out the testimonials, talk to the previous clients and references before cracking the deal.

If you are looking to hire a React js developer for your business, get in touch with a team of experts that are highly skilled in Web development frameworks. 

5. Freelance Sources & Social Media 

We have talked about the characteristics of the best dedicated React js developers. Now, let’s also unveil some freelance platforms and social platforms from where you can find your perfect fit.

5.1 Freelance React js  Developers

When you are planning to hire a React js developer on a freelance basis, the first place that comes to mind is free online platforms. It is unlikely that one does not know about Upwork, Fiverr, and 

a) Upwork

Upwork is a well-established global freelancing platform with a database of millions of freelancers with talent from around the world. It helps give the platform to the clients to get access to the various companies and individuals that help review the professional React js developers.

b) Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the amazing online marketplaces that help get freelance services. In a very short span of time, Fiverr has spread globally in the last few years. It’s a great platform to hire React js web developers who are professional and experienced.


Hiring a professional web developer for React js development is super easy with  In very little time one gets access to various freelancers that help you crack the deal when you receive competitive bids all over the globe. Security of payments and thousands of certified talents to make a choice from, becomes the most trusted way to get work done online and to hire React js developer.

 5.2 Social Media Platforms

Social media is the wave of magic that makes endless scrolling through feeds and posts all day long. Today, Several smart businesses make use of these social tools to find their target audiences and hire skilled professionals. Have you tried to crack the deal with it? Here are some platforms that can help you find and hire a React js developer.

a) Facebook Groups

Facebook groups help you coordinate with a large pool of developers that are competent in React js. One can get access to the various people, recent updates, and competitive pricing with react js developers. You can always visit different web developers’ profiles and get back to them to discuss your project.

b) LinkedIn

Just like on Facebook, one can find talented web developers on LinkedIn. It helps you reach various developers who have React js skills updated in their profiles. Today, LinkedIn is considered the professional platform to connect globally with experts.

c) Twitter

We all know Twitter. Twitter has the capability of bringing in change with its trending tweets. Many React js tweet about their skills, new projects, and share their knowledge on Twitter. Make a search for your developer by using appropriate hashtags such as #React, #React js developer, #Developer, etc. 


Wrapping up

To conclude, React Js is an effortless mesmerizing JavaScript library that helps create interactive UI’s. React Js helps build encapsulated components that help in cross-platform development. The above-mentioned list provides a quick insight into a few facts about React Js. Hire React js Developers that leverage the advantages of the library for delivering the most desirable results and products. Check out some of our work here.