What are the Risks Associated with Artificial Intelligence ( AI)Artificial intelligence is trending today. We can see how the face of literally all the apps, websites, and even toys has been changing with AI. The software industry also has seen a new phase of exceptional quality standards with artificial intelligence.

Everything is transforming with new trends. But excess of everything is bad. We must not ignore the fact that AI has its own set of risks that can endanger life too. 

Here we will discuss, in short, how organizations can reap the benefits of new trends by leveraging AI and minimizing or mitigating the risks.

Risks associated with AI

Inadvertent Vulnerabilities. 

AI is backed by a Large Language Model (LLM ) that has been made and trained with code of dubious origin, also known as garbage in, garbage out. Therefore such code often exposes us to harmful vulnerabilities.

IP ownership complexity

Ownership and right over property have always been an issue. AI is also exposed to the same as intellectual copyrights, property rights, and ownership with regard to AI-generated code are still under process.

For example, AI-generated code based on open-source software fails to adhere to the license requirements of the respective software and, thus, is a copyright violation. 

As such, many legal precedents and guidelines are framed to preserve the same and minimize the issue of IP ownership with AI generative coding.

Code scalability and Maintainance

AI-generated code is a result of immediate and quick resolution, but in the long term, it doesn’t work out. As such code is difficult to read and understand, it may become a hindrance when it comes to scalability and maintenance. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that AI code may not align with quality and design too.

Certainly, there are risks associated with AI, but using it with caution and proper guidance can bring huge benefits. Developer productivity can increase multiple times if channelized the correct way. Here are a few guidelines that can help minimize the risk of Artificial intelligence –

Take charge of senior developer.

AI may take all of your burdens and help you write effective code as per your needs but never get down the seat of the Senior. Always treat AI as your junior and inculcate the ideology of skepticism. Be vigilant and try to find mistakes as it may become risks associated with AI.

Review and Test

Make it a priority to review the code consistently. AI generates codes, but they must not be taken for granted. Trust should be limited, and one must be alert and active while doing the reviews. Not only reviewing process must be done regularly, but testing should also be done before putting it to final use.

Establish the limits

Generative AI can produce things that are dangerous for society, and the pros may turn into cons for some, thus becoming a risk associated with AI. The limits need to be defined, and make proper arrangements. Users must feel the responsibility and make proper arrangements in the first place and not wait for the ill effects. The Hollywood movie MM3GAN, plot follows the eponymous artificially intelligent doll who develops self-awareness and becomes hostile toward anyone who comes between her and her human companion.

Employee and machine relationship

Ai is vulnerable, and giving AI to someone is like giving AK 47 to a child. You can very well feel the harm it can provide. Therefore AI must be handled by well-trained staff and a well-engineered software supply chain. The human resource must be capable and responsible enough to make use of AI generative codes as it may become an unintentional source of insecure code.


Undoubtedly, AI Ii today one of the invaluable and irreplaceable tools. Industries have seen a paradigm shift in the various platforms. We cannot ignore the cons but certainly make use of its advantages to its best. The judicious use of AI with a clear set of guidelines must be brought into circulation to avoid the risk associated with AI. Therefore to conclude, there must be a right balance between leveraging generative AI for productivity and certainly working to mitigate potential risks.