If you are looking for a simple one-page application for your brand or determined to make a social networking site and anything in between, Go for Laravel. Laravel is known for providing unparallel performance, robust and scalable backends that speak for themselves. 

Laravel is a very common word you might listen to quite often if you are learning to code or working with their team. If you are new to this domain of web development or just want clear insight into what laravel is, this article is just for you. Let us understand Laravel in clear and crisp form, What all you can build with Laravel, and Why laravel is so popular.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is one of the most widely used web frameworks that is used for making custom web applications. It runs on PHP and works best for web developers to make their ideas into web realities. Laravel is a completely free open-source web framework backed by a large number of developers that support this language worldwide. It helps you bring on a solid foundation for your web apps and provides a strong backend base.

Laravel in Technical language

A PHP-based language that provides strength to your backend and is used for building custom web applications. It is an open-source framework and is also known as a server-side framework. It works out magnificently with the help of Model-View-Controller (MVC) design. As the application breaks down the back-end architecture into logical parts, it makes web development more concentrated. Laravel is known for following the exact path for monotonous work like templating HTML, building authentication, and routing.

How Does Laravel Work?

Laravel is rendered as a strong server-side language and acts as a driver of the backend. It efficiently makes use of the MVC- Model-View-Controller design pattern to bring out the best of itself.


Model as the name suggests provides the shape of the data. It provides the basic framework for the shape of the data your application operates on. For example- If the data comprises the Table of users that defines a list of contributions or posts they have made it forms a Model.


The controller works in coordination with the Model and interacts smoothly with it. It is primarily designed to retrieve the information from the database or the Model. For example- Whenever the user needs to see the posts, It is the controller that finds the corresponding post from the database and retrieves it back with a response. The controller brings the Logic to your application by retrieving or updating the model if required.


Once the information is retrieved, it now needs to be displayed through “view”. View in the simplest terms is the HTML components combined. View represents the template within which the model is plugged and information is displayed thereafter.

What Is Laravel Used For?

Laravel is one of the most widely used frameworks. According to an independent study as many as 8k + companies have made Laravel their final choice for exhibiting their virtual identity with web apple made of Laravel. GitLab, Wattpad, 9GAG, Pfizer, PayZip, etc are some of the tech giants that rely on Laravel for building and maintaining their web applications.

Laravel is a powerful framework and is utilized for making some mesmerizing web pages. Businesses leverage laravel across various industries and domains as it turbocharges their backend. Let it be IT, finance, traveling, entertainment, or retail, laravel can help you define your web needs. Laravel has many diverse features but here is a crisp list of features that make it stand out.

  • Efficiently develops both -static and dynamic web pages
  • Works out to bring the best in single-page applications (SPAs) and multi-page applications (MPAs)
  • Used By Tech giants across industries
  • An effective platform for e-commerce and social networking sites
  • Works well for content management systems
  • Used for enterprise-level applications
  • Works best for portal web apps, forums, job portals, and news web apps

Features of Laravel

The Solid MVC Architecture

Architecture defines rules and boundaries. MVC architectural pattern helps bring fundamental rules and aspects. Certainly, such an architectural pattern is responsible for organizing the unstructured code and maintaining it into a structured pattern. Such organized architecture brings an effective web application that is super fast and robust.

Blade Template Engine

The Blade template engine helps bring in better coordination among data models and establishes a connection between web developers and textual data in web apps. It also helps in processing the application code in the source templates and helps direct the output to the respective text file. Most important;y,this Laravel blade template engine works as a connector that quickly helps process the data with layouts and hence works as a catalyst for the web app’s performance and speed.

Artisan CLI

Artisan command-line interface (CLI) is an interface that catalyzes the process of web development thus helping it come out better. It certainly helps make applications simple and easier. It helps in playing multi-functions that include data migration, managing controllers & models, and creating the basic code structure. Also, Artisan CLI works out to help developers with monotonous manual work by handling repetitive coding. Lastly, it helps build MVC files that can be customized by the web developers according to their web development needs

The Eloquent ORM

The Eloquent ORM feature of laravel helps it establish a solid connection between web developers and databases. It helps it interact by using the most expressive PHP syntax instead of using the complex SQL code thus bringing in the required efficiency.

The PHPUnit

Laravel works magnificently when it comes to testing frameworks. It makes use of PHPUnit – It is a testing framework that executes unit tests. PHPUnit testing involves the two main testing directories called the Feature and the Unit. Unit tests take part in performing tests on small code chunks while feature tests handle the longer codebase.

PHPUnit thus brings in the required efficiency in the Laravel based web applications by testing them for work. It minimizes the number of bugs in the apps thus saving time searching for the culprits that affect the efficiency and speed.

Let’s Wrap up

Certainly, Laravel has gained its title as one of the most powerful frameworks and is used for building web apps that range from simple to complex web apps. Not only does it work outstandingly well to build simple one-page websites but to build large websites also.

Laravel is the answer to any of your web development needs. It helps you build engaging web applications at the lowest costs. Contact our team of Laravel development company to make your ideas into web realities.