Top 10 reasons -Why use React js?

Frontend libraries act as a mirror for web apps. React js acts as an accelerator for bringing in high-performance web applications. These libraries bring robust speed and UI that make them cope with the digital world more easily.

React js is a frontend library that was developed by Jordan Walke in 2011. It exhibits its characteristics on Facebook and  Instagram and has made everyone go awe and mesmerized.

React js helps bring about some highly interactive single-page web applications by dividing UI into composable components. Certainly, it makes use of a minimum of Javascript and HTML and hence it is the most preferable front-end development tool.

Though there are a number of front-end libraries to make a choice for your web application, React js is the most favorable modern web front-end library. Let us understand the top reasons to use React js but before that, we must know what React js actually means.

What is React.js?

React js is a javascript library that leverages to make user interfaces that are specifically designed for single-page applications. It is an open-source library that helps in handling the view layer for the web and mobile apps. It has set a new precedent for developing fast and dynamic websites using JavaScript.

React has become the most widely used library among the top 500 fortune companies as it helps developers to create large web applications that eventually change data without reloading the page. It helps build web apps that are fast and scalable.

React mainly focuses on building the View Layer of an application. It can be to combine JavaScript libraries or frameworks, such as Angular JS in MVC. It helps create a UI that helps the users interact with the website or web apps. From Buttons, links, menu tabs, and search bars-It covers them all. React embraces all the UI components that front-end developers may use to build some highly interactive and customized web apps. Also, it is sometimes said to be a framework instead of a library. React acts as an open-source framework for building whole applications for web browsers and smartphones. It is more than a pre-written code, snippet, and function. It has an extremely flexible and robust ecosystem that works in integration with other developer tools to develop complex features and functions in web apps.

10 Reasons Stating Why to Use React js for your next project

React has several features that make it the most favorable library among developers. But JSX and VIrtual DOMs are the two characteristics of React js that make it stand out.

1.  Easier to Adapt and Apply

React is one of the most preferable libraries as it is lightweight. It has the most elementary features that deal primarily with the view layer of the web page. It is an easy-to-adapt library and is easy to put to use. For anyone to use React, one needs a functional knowledge of HTML and CSS combined with an understanding of programming. It has a huge community that backs up in case of any help and extensive documentation that covers almost everything related to React js.

2. React has a strong back

React is an open-source library that has ardent users. It has many features that have helped developers to come up with new innovative solutions and tools. Many developers have added their applications to the official library too. As it has a strong fan base, one can get access to an expert to advise when in any problem.

3. Reusable Components

React js is a combination of components that are independent and reusable. It entertains the input called props and in return enables the component to return a rendered HTML element. One can easily use them as a primary JavaScript function or a class component, a JavaScript class that uses a render method. React enables reusability by allowing all the components to develop and be reusable anywhere in the app. It helps create the wrapper components that further help in bringing the reusability feature. Wrapper components are taken in varied aspects by applying the existing ones that result in becoming the root component itself.

On the other hand, all the components work independently and do not cause disruption with other components. Any change or deviation in the component does not bring any issues with other components as they are completely isolated.

4. Virtual DOMs

DOM or a Document object Model represents an interface that enables the HTML and XML code into trees. At the same time, the web browser creates a DOM-like model to bring in the output by taking every element of the code as a node in the DOM tree.

As and when the change occurs in the HTML code by user interaction or any change in the value, the DOM tree needs to be updated and rendered again which leads to the use of efficient resources like time and power. React js creates a copy of the DOM, maintains a cache memory, and uses the virtual DOMs.

As and when the change takes place, virtual DOM renders to exactly where the tree node is and updates the component correspondingly. A little change in the DOM can be updated efficiently without loading the whole code. Such a feature makes it extremely responsive and fast.

5. JSX

Necessity is the mother of invention. Facebook made React js and following it extended functionalities of HTML structures into the javascript. JSX means Javascript XML and is a syntax extension for Javascript thereby removing the requirement for separate HTML and JS codes. Declarative HTML Syntax works in coordination with the Javascript code with react js. Browsers work to decode The HTML documents and display the interactive UI.

The DOM trees and javascript work out to bring about the required modification to DOM and create an interactive UI. Also, it helps the developers to move through the HTML and React js elements into the browser’s tree structures that helps write some clean manageable codes. JSX brings in effective productive code, along with the Virtual DOM thereby increasing the performance and efficiency.

6. Unidirectional Data Flow

Props or the parent components are immutable objects whose values are not modified by the changes in the child components. This is possible due to the unidirectional flow of data that takes place in React. As such it ensures the data binding and does not affect the program as changes in the parent components take place. React js automatically alters the details that need to be modified without altering the whole code that ensures consistency. Also, this ensures efficiency in debugging and error checking by creating a higher control over data access components.

7. Redux

React js comes with a Redux component that extends React’s state management. Redux is mainly responsible for maintaining the data consistency across the components that keeps the View updated.

Redux has a central store that is responsible for storing all the application data. Whenever the component change takes place. Redux receives the corresponding state change. The change in state is accessed and causes the Redux to use the reducers to propagate the change for the connected components. As redux acts as a central store library, all the components are easily accessible to all the data.

8. React Native

React with its advantageous features brings in React Native. Also being the ‘Learn once and write anywhere library’ brings inefficiency. React and Ionic developers build native apps for Android and iOS using React Native. It follows the same methodology and architecture that is follows to make web apps across platforms.

9. It has Deep Roots

React js is being welcomed by the developers with great enthusiasm. In fact, it owns the highest rate of adoption and is adapted for its reliability. It comes with unique positioning and is used by most of tech giants. React js has the best of capabilities and has its roots spread over a large community of developers.

10. The SEO Affair

React js single-page apps and Seo have a deeply connected relationship. React js gels proficiently with the javascript library. The inbuilt feature of the isomorphic React js optimizes single-page apps for SEO purposes. This serves as a  facilitator and automatically detects to support the client’s javascript.

There is a serious relationship between React Js single-page applications and SEO. React Js proficiently works with the JavaScript library like an HTML page. The isomorphic React Js helps optimize single-page applications for SEO. Further, facilitates server-side rendering and single-page applications by automatically detecting the support of the client’s JavaScript.


React js is a JavaScript library is having a large number of ardent followers that follow React js religiously. It is the easiest and most efficient library that makes the best use of the javascript framework to develop high-performing productive apps.

Today, React js is the most widely appreciable web framework that is known worldwide. It is gaining popularity and is being by many tech giants for its efficient web apps. Also, it is an effortless mesmerizing JavaScript library that helps create interactive UIs. The above-mentioned list provides a quick insight into a few facts about React Js that make it so favorable.

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