We are the Chords of Guitar, Strumming for a Melodious tune. Our Silvery composition is outcome of our coordination.

We raise the roof with our notes of different genre.
We are the soul of web.
We are Team Sifars.

Technology amplifies our power. We make ideas happen !!!!

Sifars is a Seasoned leader with a synergy of Talent and Experience. Being Futuristic and Pervasive we assure time-bound services by developing winning strategies with innovative solutions. No matter, how big or small may be the project, We excel in delivering projects you foresee. Our best and intuitive web solutions can enhance the business sales and reachability for the clients.

What we help you

We patronize Each and every project of ours a very personal affair , so we ..


We conceive your ideas and help them accommodate in reality. The inherent purpose of our existence is to provide a synthesis of web services for a seamless outcome.


We strive to empathize with your values and ideas and nurture them with our expertise. We bring impactful and best solutions for the services we offer. The wealth of successful experience makes us believe in merciless triumph.


We embrace each of our projects and assess vulnerabilities for the best user experience. A combination of pervasive updation and continuous support is what we preach.

Why Sifars ?

We are professionals.

Sifars Team Squad

Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar anil@sifars.com
Arpna Puri
Arpna Puri arpna.puri@sifars.com
Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar satish@sifars.com
Jasmeet Sehgal
Jasmeet Sehgal jasmeet@sifars.com
Kuldeep Sharma
Kuldeep Sharma kuldeep@sifars.com
Amritpal Nagra
Amritpal Nagra amritpal.nagra@sifars.com
Gopal Swami
Gopal Swami gopal.swami@sifars.com
Kanha Upadhyay
Kanha Upadhyay kanhaupadhyay@sifars.com
Ashok Bhati
Ashok Bhati ashok.bhati@sifars.com
Abdulaziz Shaikh
Abdulaziz Shaikh abdulaziz.shaikh@sifars.com
Femish Bhalodiya
Femish Bhalodiya femish.bhalodiya@sifars.com
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar abhishek.kumar@sifars.com
Himanshu Kumar
Himanshu Kumar himanshu.kumar@sifars.com
Ashima Parihar
Ashima Parihar ashima.parihar@sifars.com
Shefali Kaushal
Shefali Kaushal shefali.kaushal@sifars.com
Raju Gupta
Raju Gupta raju.kumar@sifars.com
Narinder Singh
Narinder Singh narinder.singh@sifars.com
Kritika Thakur
Kritika Thakur kritika.thakur@sifars.com
Abhishek Akbari
Abhishek Akbari abhishek.akbari@sifars.com

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