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At Sifars, we excel in laravel MVC- architecture, flawless database migration, and integrated unit test reports. Choose Laravel for building world-class web application products with us.

Our Laravel Development Services

Laravel is the most preferred PHP framework for web development. Sifars, as a laravel development company, is capable of leveraging rapid, agile and high-end development environments which is indeed favorable for the clients. Laravel web development leverages extensive customization capacities to not only modify and tweak built-in features and functionality of templates but also creating a unique design by integrating the latest contemporary services.

It provides an edge to its patrons in the competitive market by providing Requisite Features, Splendid Tools and Diligent Integration. Laravel assures cost-effectiveness and on-time web development. Similarly, rapid turnover and robust extending capacities by using multiple modules with a scalable code of laravel make it exceptional.

We have a hands-on approach in laravel customer centric and API generator packages that help us to create restful solutions. We have a rational yet reasonable approach in laravel web development offering the most comprehensive and functional solutions.

Our Laravel Development Services Comprises of:

  • CRM

    CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

  • Custom Web Development

    Custom Web Development

  • Workflow Management

    Workflow Management

  • Cloud Solutions

    Cloud Solutions

  • Third-Party Integration

    Third-Party Integration

  • Enterprise Website Development

    Enterprise Website Development

  • Custom Business Application

    Any Custom Business Application

  • E-Commerce, B2C & B2B

    E-Commerce, B2C & B2B

Our suite of Laravel Development Services

Laravel being an open-source web development framework leads to Custom built, fluid performance laravel solutions for your personal requirements.Sifars, the best laravel development company in India helps you achieve an edge and stand out among competitors by ensuring cost-effective and on-time web development. We excel in providing the 3 R to your business namely – Rapid turnover, Robust extending capacities, and Rapid execution. In other words, we strive to bring rapid turnover to your institution helping it stand out by using robust technologies, modules or bundles. We leverage the capabilities and functionalities of laravel in favor of our clients.

Laravel RESTful App Development

Laravel developers at Sifars have a niche and technical grip in laravel API generator packages. Moreover, Such skills create RESTful solutions, extending your reach far beyond up to a vast audience hence helping in communication with third-party clients.

Backend for Mobile Apps

Laravel empowers the ability to strengthen the backend for mobile apps. We provide expert laravel web development services for mobile apps on all platforms including iOS, bada, and android.

Custom Web Applications

Laravel helps you create Extraordinary robust, flexible and scalable custom web apps for your business. It thus proves out to be the one best answer to all your web application development requirements.

e-Commerce Development

Laravel web development services at sifars ensure building an online store with a large influx of traffic. Further, Handling e-commerce transactions and maintain complete database and history to it is only possible with the use of Laravel.

Laravel Migration

Change is important in this dynamic world. With everchanging business requirements, there is always a need to change for the best. We will help you increase your productivity by migrating to Laravel from any web framework.

Do you wish to stay ahead in the queue and aim for fluid performance? Contact our expert Laravel developers at Sifars.

Why use Laravel for Web Applications?

Laravel framework is the most widely preferred as it embraces features to create a robust cloud-based application. Its basic functionalities like HTML views, validation, database handling, etc make it stand out. Among its long list of exquisite features, the following are some of its unique features which make laravel the first choice for developers.

Separate Model File for SQL Code

Model: Model represents the complete business layer of the web application. Moreover, it enables reading and writing data to/from the Database

View: The UI interface of the web application making it viewable to the end-users

Controller: Controller acts as a special bridge between model and view which controls data flow.

  • Secure authentication and authorization

  • Code Versioning: Git / BitBucket

  • RAD – Rapid Application Development- Ready to Use API for Rapid Development.

  • PHPStrom as Laravel Development IDE

  • Eloquent ORM and powerful PHP framework

  • Database Migrations

  • Exception Handling with great developer community support

  • Powerful Validation mechanism with advanced security

Laravel Development Phase Explained

Development Phase

Benefits of Laravel Framework

laravel with its PHP framework works out to be an ideal resource. Sifars, as the best Laravel development company offers unique and robust solutions to your business thus pointing the revenue and growth graphs transcend among the others.

Vigorous security

Robust security and Rigorous safety are what laravel offers to business helping it against different threats. It not only offers seamless security to business but also helps online businesses safeguard their code. Further, it offers security beyond mitigating risks such as cross-site forgery requests and diverse SQL injections.

Acute Tool Integration Capability

Laravel with its PHP Framework leads to the unique integration of various tools and apps thus enhancing the app’s performance .laravel developers at sifars believe in optimization and Cost-

Streamlined authentication:

Not only it offers a seamless mechanism to organize code but also with a strong authentication process, Laravel helps keep unauthorized users away from resources. In other words, Laravel grants resource access to only authorized users.

Enhanced Performance

Time is money and optimization of time for best results is what we strive for. Surely, Laravel helps reduce the time for app development and also induces the novel and exquisite features to the apps thus making it worth to stand out.

Global Customer Access

Laravel helps the creation of multilingual apps for catering to the global audience. Moreover, as a laravel development company, sifars delivers the ability to scale the app across all browsers thus extending the reach leading to boost in business.

Why Choose Us?

As the most reliable a laravel development company, Sifars engages in tried and tested methodologies. We ensure secure and scalable applications for your project. Our Laravel developers know laravel inside out thus helping your business grow multifold with an increase in sales and traffic.

  • Flexible Engagement Models

    We offer custom and flexible engagement models for cost-effective and high-performance applications. Certainly, Our bespoke Laravel developers strive to make your project stand out with a competitive edge..

  • Full Stack Development Capability

    Sifars , a Laravel Development Company provides a full-stack development portfolio. Not only it covers idea assessment and project management but it also provides services from design to coding and testing..

  • Complete Manual & Automation Testing

    With complete faimilarity of the framework, and Accurate and effective testing for your application we ensure zero errors and robust performance of apps.

  • Timely Support & Maintenance.

    We provide 24*7 pre and post app development support and maintenance. Further we ensure getting apps updated with the latest version with timely support

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